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Patos Island Press is a boutique publishing company formed by Vaughn Sherman and Jan Lind-Sherman.  We are committed to publishing quality fiction and non-fiction, often focusing on Northwest topics and authors. Offerings will include stories, memoirs, children’s books and educational topics ranging from K-12 to post-secondary levels of learning, as well as issues regarding governance of educational institutions.

September 2015

We were pleased to release last year another excellent book in our memoirs series, Bonded by Water.  The author, Dave Olson, is a sailor, skier, mountain climber, flyer, businessman and a fine writer.  He tells not only of his own journey through life, but also about many of the fascinating people he’s met along the way. This true adventure story followed our publication the previous year of Sea Travels, Memoirs of a 20th Century Master Mariner.  In this book J. Holger Christensen tells of a life that began on the gold-bearing sands of Nome, Alaska, a life that was called to the sea and studded with many sea-going adventures.

As autumn approaches, we’ve released our third memoires in the series.   Colonel of the Marines Bruce F. Meyers (Ret.) has related his remarkable life story in a book titled Reflections of a Grunt Marine. “Remarkable” hardly does it in describing this diver, mountain climber, flyer, parachutist, commander of men in battle, lawyer and much more. We’re excited about this offering and suggest you look at a more complete description under the “Books” button above. Don’t forget to look at the other books while you’re there.  After that you’ll probably want to buy one or more copies, made easy by clicking on the “Order” buttaon.

And even closer to home . . . 

Vaughn is at work on another novel, somewhat of a follow-up to his Sasha Plotkin’s Deceit. This will be a thriller about a terrorist attack on Seattle’s waterfront, organized by the al Qaeda European network.  No promises yet, but we’re looking at completion early in 2016.