Reflections of a Grunt Marine


Memoirs of Bruce F. Meyers, Colonel of Marines, Ret.

Reflections of a Grunt Marine is the personal memoir of Bruce Meyers, whose adventures began early in life and continued through two wars and his time as a Colonel of Marines.

At thirteen, he built and used a diving helmet to recover items lost overboard in Lake Washington; at sixteen, he had climbed all six of Washington state’s highest peaks; at seventeen, he was a summer forest fire lookout in the Cascade Mountains.

These were preludes to a distinguished twenty-eight-year
career in the U.S. Marine Corps, which began with the Naval
Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) at the University of Washington. After further training in the Marine schools at Quantico, Virginia, Meyers was commissioned as a Marine lieutenant in January 1945. Released from active duty in 1946, he worked as a National Park Service Ranger on Mountain Rainier, remaining in the Marine Corps Reserve until called up for active duty when the Korean War broke out in 1950. He left the Reserves to be a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps, where he began fighting in wars.

Meyers commanded a rifle company on the front lines in Korea and led a small team behind the lines to rescue two wounded Marines. In Vietnam, he was a colonel commanding the Seventh Fleet’s Marine Landing Force, and then commanded the 26th Marine Corps Battalion at Khe Sahn.

Meyers’ distinguished service as a leader of men in combat will long be remembered, but his peacetime activities for the Marine Corps may become his true legacy. Between his service in the Korean and Vietnam wars, he was involved in the development of methods for clandestine insertion of military teams into hostile territory, both from air and sea. As part of this duty he formed the first Force Recon Company, a unit that could carry out these missions and was expanded to a Second Force Recon Company. Many of the techniques developed at that time are still in use by the SEALS and other special force units.

He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

PRAISE FOR Reflections of a Grunt Marine

An inspiring story of a “Grunt Marine,” — a participant and innovator in some of the most pivotal chapters in Twentiety Century military history.
W.E.B. Griffen – #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-selling author of The Corps, Honor Bound, and Men at War series.

“Reflections of a Grunt Marine” is a “last hurrah” celebration of a long remarkable can-do panorama life by an exemplary member of the greatest generation. Bruce Meyers has lived a life of courage, determination, and accomplishment through three wars and much more – surviving to share his story now.
Dave Olson – Author of Bonded by Watre, CIA officer during Korean War

This book is a must read for all Marines. In reading about the origins of Force Recon, parachuting free fall at high altitudes from jets, and the development of combat diving techniques, one will conclude that Bruce Meyers has the fortitude and ingenuity of Ernest Shackleton, the athleticism of Jim Thorpe, and the heart and soul of a Marine. His multitude of “was there, did that” anecdotes are fascinating, and many will convince the reader he was the Godfather of the “field expedient,” a factor of great pride to all Marines who find ways to get things done. Bruce Meyers did a lot and did it all well.
Bob Rinehart, Marine Infantry officer 1962-65 and career CIA Field Operations Officer 1966-95

As a fellow grunt Marine, reading this motivating memoir by a true “Marine’s Marine” was most interesting and heartening. Besides being a distinguished fighting force, as seen in this book, the Marines do more. Colonel Meyers was a leader in the important work of developing and testing methods for clandestine insertion and recovery of reconnaissance teams in enemy territory. Many of those methods are used today by special force groups such as the SEALS.   This was just one of the interesting parts for me in an excellent book written by a true leader of men.
Ron Clyborne, Entrepreneur – Served as an enlisted Marine in the early days of the Vietnam War

Grunt Marine is the compelling story of a true warrior, innovator and patriot. Bruce Meyers not only chronicles a storied Marine Corps career through three wars, but reveals his critical role in honing the sharp point of the spear: Force Recon.
John W. Hough, former Marine Corps attorney and guard officer, 1971-1974.

Reflections of a Grunt Marine
By Bruce F. Meyers, Colonel of Marines Patos Island Press

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