Walking the Board Walk

Walking the Board Walk by Vaughn Sherman

 “Vaughn Sherman knows how to ‘walk the board walk.’ His many years of experience being on boards and conducting board trainings come through in this handy and practical guide to being an effective board for non-profit organizations.”  — Dr. Cindra Smith is the author of Trusteeship in      Community Colleges: A Guide to  Effective Governance and an independent nonprofit board consultant

“Vaughn Sherman understands more about the challenges of board work than anyone else I know. When I encounter a board problem that I’ve never seen before, I’m likely to turn to Vaughn for advice.” — -Gary Davis, PhD, is the former CEO of the Illinois Community College Trustees   Association, and today is an independent nonprofit board consultant.

“When Vaughn told me that he was writing this book, my immediate reaction was, ‘it’s about time.’  I had yet to find just the right tool to assist my board members in making the most of their experience. I needed something short, but packed with the essentials.  I’ve found what I was looking for and believe that you will too. — Chris Marx, Executive Director, Edmonds Community College Foundation,   Lynnwood, Washington


Vaughn Sherman has worked with scores of nonprofit boards of directors.  He’s  fascinated by poorly functioning boards with unhappy members.  In this book Sherman gives causes and the proper way of handling troublesome areas of board governance.  This is a personal account, sprinkled with anecdotes from his experience working with nonprofit boards in many parts of the country.  This is a book for busy people who serve these boards.  It’s a quick read, informative and useful to those who care about their board service.



Trade Paperback , 5 by 7

$12.95, ISBN 978-0-9847225-0-1