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Patos Island Press is a boutique publishing company formed by Vaughn Sherman and Jan Lind-Sherman. We are committed to publishing quality fiction and non-fiction, often focusing on Northwest topics and authors. Offerings will include stories, memoirs, children’s books and educational topics ranging from K-12 to post-secondary levels of learning, as well as issues regarding governance of educational institutions.


We were excited to announce in August the release of another book published by Patos Island Press.  Reflections of a Grunt Marine  chronicles the life of  Marine Corps Colonel Bruce F. Meyers (Ret.) in his own words.  It’s a life full of fascinating adventures both in times of both war and peace, a reminder once again of the sacrifices made by our military men, and the value they can bring to peacetime work and experiences.

Colonel Meyers is currently scheduled for presentations and book signings during the next few months.  If you would like to meet him in person and hear his story, check the EVENTS button at the top of the screen.

So far we’ve published memoirs of a 20th century mariner; an adventurer with experiences in the Korean War as a CIA paramilitary officer,  mountain climber, skier, sailor and dedicated family man, and now a much decorated Marine with experiences during World War II, and on the front lines in both Korea and Vietnam.  It will be difficult to top these for  stories of interesting, exciting lives, but stay tuned!