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Walking the Board Walk by Vaughn Sherman

Secrets of an Enjoyable Nonprofit Board Experience

Vaughn Sherman


Trade paperback, 104 pages, 5 x7

$12.95, ISBN 978-0-9847225-0-1

Case quantity: 104

CONTENT: Walking the Board Walk will assist nonprofit board leadership and individuals to develop boards in ways that will improve governance and make the experience more satisfying. Vaughn Sherman addresses areas that will turn around poor board performance and dissatisfaction. Sherman offers valuable suggestions for: solving personality conflicts, recruiting a diverse board, coming to an agreement when members are divided on an issue, and establishing open communication and respectful interaction.


  • Vaughn Sherman is a certified mediator with thirty years of experience working with nonprofits
  • Nonprofits contribute significantly to the needs of communities and effective management is critical to their success
  • Walking the Board Walk is an affordable volume with a wealth of essential information



  • National Marketing & Social Media Campaign
  • Online outreach to business, educational, and activist blogs and websites
  • Interviews on news/talk radio programs


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vaughn Sherman was born and educated in Seattle, Washington. After working as a fisheries biologist in Alaska and Washington State, he was recruited by the CIA and served more than twenty years, mostly abroad. After taking early retirement, Vaughn became involved in numerous community activities, mostly involving the governance of non-profit agencies and community colleges.   He and his wife live in the Pacific Northwest.

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